Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Q: What is the Oh! Philippines Mobile?

    A: Oh! Philippines mobile is an app that caters the needs of the working people abroad, especially the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), whether it's communication, entertainment, government services, etc.

  • 2. Q: Do I have to pay for the mobile app?

    A: No. Oh! Philippines is absolutely free.

  • 3. Q: How do I update the application?

    A: Go the App Store and tap the Updates tab on the lower right. Once done, find Oh! Philippines on the list and tap the UPDATE button on the right.

  • 4. Q: Where will I be notified if someone responded to my submitted story in Dr. Love?

    A: You will be notified through the app and the e-mail address you registered with.

  • 5. Q: How can I submit a recipe?

    A: There are two ways:
    -Mail it to
    -Go to the Recipe section of the support site, fill out recipe form then click Submit inquiry button.

  • 6. Q: How can I have the Oh! Philippines mobile app on my phone?

    A: Go to the App Store, search for the Oh! Philippines app with our logo, and download.

  • 7. Q: How can I register to the app?

    A: To register:
    Via Oh! Philippines:
    Open the app and tap the "Sign-up here" link. You will be re-directed to a sign-up form, fill out the details and tap "Sign me up."
    Via Facebook/Google+: Open the app and tap the "Sign-in with Facebook" / "Sign-in with Google+" button. Once done, you will be re-directed to your Oh! Philippines account.
    Note: If your Facebook/Google+ account is not logged in, you will be asked to do so before you are re-directed.

  • 8. Q: How do I login to my Oh! Philippines account?

    A: Open the app and then type your login credentials. You can also login using your Facebook and Google+ account by tapping the "Sign-in with Facebook" or "Sign-in with Google+" button.

  • 9. Q: How do I retrieve my password?

    A: You will see a Forgot Password link on the mobile app. By tapping the link, you will be asked to search your username. Once username was found, you will be e-mailed instructions on how to retrieve your account.

  • 10. Q: How can I communicate with my friends and family on Oh! Philippines?

    A: For chatting, you may use the Oh! Chat feature.

  • 11. Q: Can I share my Oh! Philippines content to my social media page(s)?

    A: Yes. To do so, tap the Share button found in the post you desire to share.

  • 12. Q: How can I report a post/comment that I dont like?

    A: Tap the icon on the right side of every post/comment and select the listed options to continue.

  • 13. Q: Who can see my uploaded photos?

    A: All Oh! Philippines users. Additionally, users from Facebook and Google+ may see the photos once the photo is shared in the said social networking site.

  • 14. Q: What devices does the app support?

    A: The app supports iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6.

  • 15. Q: Is Oh! Philippines compatible with all IOS versions?

    A: No. It must be IOS 7 or higher.